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Education Reformer Explains How Public Schools Can Be Better and Cheaper

Virginia Beach, Va. Bruce Deitrick Price is among the country’s more aggressive champions of smarter, more effective education. Saving K-12, his new book, explains: “If we don’t save the public

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FSM Smart Ltd. announces the launch of its FSM Smart trading platform

World leading Forex broker, FSM Smart Ltd., announces the launch of its forex trading platform, FSM Smart, allowing instant trading anytime and anywhere across the globe FSM Smart Ltd. is

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An Effective Outdoor Pest Control Agent for Lawns and Gardens Belidan Solar Mole and Snake Repeller is a new product that has proven effective against rodents like mice, moles, voles,

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DC SWIM WEEK 2017 – a show of creative and innovative swimwear fashion for the summer

The DC SWIM WEEK also known as DCSW is a yearly boutique show where the selected and finest local and international designers meet up to share ideas and network on

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