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Shared Storage Solutions Propelling Education to Next Millennium

January 24
08:31 2018

In the ever-evolving world of computers, constant advancement is just another universal truth. It seems as if no industry or sector is free from the influence of technology, including the educational sphere. Schools and institutes of higher learning must keep up with the newest technological uses and applications in order to prepare students for careers that use these programs. One of the latest trends to hit businesses is shared storage. These types of servers allow for multiple users to access a project at the same time and see real-time updates as they edit. Long gone are the days where files are shared through external drives. Instead of having to download a project onto a flash drive and upload it to the next computer for editing, shared storage allows access to the project internally by all users. Businesses have seen more productivity and shorter lag periods waiting for downloads and uploads. Not only are businesses benefitting from shared storage, but educators are as well.

Shared Storage Benefiting Students

Not only can students benefit from shared storage in group projects, but they can also benefit in the classroom. Education storage sharing workflow solutions allow students to follow along in lectures by having access to PowerPoints and notes through shared documents, and can also make in-class collaborative work easier. Each student can stay at their own workstation to complete their task without having to wait for downloads and uploads to take place. Shared storage also makes saving work easier as anybody can access a file from any computer. Students no longer have to save work on an external drive or email themselves the document. Gigabit ethernet cards for Mac OS X can even be utilized for large data transfers, such as videos, which is especially helpful for media production classes.

Shared Storage Benefitting Teachers

Teachers benefit from shared storage in several ways. First, they can work on their lectures and save it to the shared storage space for easy access later. Teachers can also pull up lectures, notes, and other files saved in the shared space directly from the classroom computer without having to remember a separate device for an upload. Lastly, shared storage gives teachers the tools to teach their students real-world skills for entering into the workforce. Many businesses use some sort of shared storage solution, so familiarity with the programs can help with future job prospects and knowledge requirements.

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