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November 09
00:04 2017

Indie Label Real and Raw Entertainment is on a roll! In the past 35 days Real and Raw Entertainment has released 5 singles and 1 EP from four different artists. This current season of momentum was kicked off by Real and Raw Co-Owner and COO, Joe Waters.  Joe released his freshman EP, “Still Waters” on October 6th which was released the day of his appearance on Sway’s Universe. IsReal continued the momentum with his single “City Lights” which was released on October 11th.  ReVolutionary continued the push with his release of three singles, “Getting Started”, “If You Wanna” and “Lit”. The trio of singles were purposefully released to coincide with ReVolutionary’s birthday. Real and Raw Entertainment Co-Owner and CEO, Jonah continues the forward motion with his November 11th release of his single, “I Heard”.  Jonah will also be releasing his single, “Rockets” which is set for a release date next week.

These consecutive releases are significant as many are finding it difficult to navigate around the Hip Hop industry’s minefields. Jonah states, “As far as CHH goes it’s been a little dry, so we try to make moves elsewhere you know, hit the secular venues”.  The obstacles can often be even greater for those with a positive or Christian message but Real and Raw Entertainment stands firm in their beliefs. Joe Waters states, “I can live my truth and I don’t have to compromise” he then continued, “If everybody’s talking about the kind of drugs they’re pushing, how come I can’t talk about the truth of Jesus Christ?”

Real and Raw Entertainment is a Christian Hip Hop label that launched a year and a half ago on April 15, 2016. They really began making waves in October of 2016 when they posted a “So Dope” Mannequin Challenge with fellow Tampa native, Seckond Chaynce. The Mannequin challenge garnered more than 3 Million Views and gained them thousands of followers before some of them even released music.  Since their launch last year, they have…

  • Released 1 Album, 3 Eps, 2 Mixtapes and 7 Singles (half of those have been released within the past 35 days)
  • 12 Music Videos in circulation; some with over 100,000 views
  • Over 13,000 followers combined on Facebook alone

About Real and Raw Entertainment:

Real and Raw Entertainment aspires to impact the hearts of those in Hip Hop culture. They are fearless in their pursuit of creating a platform for ministry through music within the culture. They will continue to be REAL about their intentions and RAW about their love for Jesus Christ.

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